Oracle Analytics Summit — How to Create the Custom Application


You may have watched the recent Oracle Analytics June Roadmap Update session as part of the Oracle Analytics Summit 2020 series and wondered how we built the custom analytics application shown as part of the demos.

Oracle Analytics Summit Roadmap Demo

Start with a Theme!

A good starting point when creating a custom web application is a ready built theme. In our case, we took the Bootstrap theme ‘SB Admin 2’ as our starting point (link to live preview of the theme). This theme is described as follows and is perfect for our purposes.

Bootstrap Theme — SB Admin 2

Designing the Custom Application

Once you’ve obtained a theme that you think represents the kind of application you want to build, then the next step in the process is understanding how to customize the theme to include your own embedded content from Oracle Analytics.

Custom application with embedded Oracle Analytics content and navigation

Building the Custom Application Cards

The first item we’re going to customize is one of the dashboard cards. This is how it looks in the theme out of the box:

Card view before customization
HTML defining card view
Source canvas for visualization to include in dashboard card
Modified card with OAC content embedded
Modified card with OAC visualization embedded

Building the Navigation Experience

As stated earlier, we want to allow the users of our custom application to be able to navigate to a number of additional canvases. These could provide further detail to complement the main dashboard page or just allow users to see data on related subjects. This is where we really start to reap the benefits of using a template since it offers a collapsible navigation pane out of the box!

Out of the box navigation options
HTML for navigation menu items
Example of navigation link that references a separate HTML page and passes the required parameters
Show the Oracle Analytics content that is referenced by the URL parameters passed by the navigation link
Users can navigate back to the main dashboard using this link

Using the Custom Application

At this stage, we’ve designed the custom application and made the necessary code changes to include the analytics content where needed as well as provided a navigation experience.

Users prompted to authenticate using their Oracle Analytics username
Application home page dashboard
The view when users navigate to the links provided


This blog has described the main workflow for creating a custom application that embeds Oracle Analytics content into an application theme. The main stages being:



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